So-Called ’Honor Killings’ Must Stop!

Via: The Palestine Monitor.

It is not an easy life to be born a Palestinian.

You are most likely a refugee, probably a young one, and earthly wealth is a dream. If you reside in the Palestinian Territories, you live under a brutal military and civilian occupation and are subjected to an innumerable amount of difficulties and retardations socially, psychologically and, of course, economically.

If it is not easy being a Palestinian; it is even harder to be a Palestinian woman.

Palestinian women must not only deal with the difficulties of occupation and conflict orchestrated by the state of Israel. They must also beware the ’occupied minds’ of many of their Palestinians brethren – those minds still rooted in traditions that are no longer acceptable.

In the last week, two gazan women, one man and one child have been murdered by their own families in the name of honor and tradition. They can not be returned to the lives stolen from them, but we can at least honor their loss by working to stop such hideous deeds in the future. We can at least insure that their death, meant to restore honor to a family, does exactly the opposite – that shame is instead visited upon this home, and that the act be called and recognized for what it is: murder.

Is life not difficult enough in the tiny Gaza Strip? Is there not enough to worry about with the constant specter of overwhelming Israeli violence? Is there not enough to worry about with the crippling siege starving the children and stunting their future? Must women also fear for their lives in the face of random vigilantism from Palestinians?

Apparently not… This week 28-year-old Rihab Al-Hazin was killed. Only days before, Sufian Arafat Olaiwa, 45, his wife, Miriam Al-Majdoub Olaiwa, 30, and their son, Jawhar Sufian Olaiwa, 5, were also found riddled with bullets.

May they rest in peace; and may their killers receive the just reward for their deeds in the life to come. It is time that Palestinians wake up to the horror of this practice, and hold accountable those who wish to remain sleeping in an archaic past.

Justice begins in the home…



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