J STREET – The New Smiling Zionist Lobby. By Mark Bruzonsky

Art By Naji Al AliVia: MiddleEast.org.

AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has done its job for decades. The Israeli Zionists, including the new J Street minions, appreciate that and know it will continue pushing and cowering, threatening and intimidating. The Bad Cop is not going away, and in fact is more powerful than ever.

Still, the Israelis Zionists, themselves of somewhat different shades, also know that different times call for different measures and different tactics. They know as well that different people respond to different approaches and that the great majority of American Jews are liberal and solidly behind Obama. They know as well that liberal American Jews are increasingly uneasy about an Israel too much in the negative news and a “Jewish Lobby” too exposed.

And so with the new J Street, it’s not so much that they are hedging their bets, rather they are simply playing all sides of the street.

After the 1982 war the Israeli Zionists and their American Jewish patrons realized it was time to start diversifying. AIPAC, the Capitol Hill giant, then created the Near East Institute (NEI), which became it’s media and think-tank arm. Years before JINSA, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, had been spun off to deal with the Pentagon. Other organizations, including ADL and the Presidents Conference, were further bulked up to deal with the White House and State Department. Many major magazines and media organizations were controlled, and in some cases bought outright, by Zionist personalities, a few biggies like Marty Peretz and Mort Zuckerman actually publicly stating they were pledged to help and defend Israel.

The Israeli/Jewish Lobby story has long been one far beyond AIPAC, though you would not know it from the J Street conference. In the past thirty years it has spun off multiple organizations with different portfolios, different targets, different styles, but one overall goal — nurturing the U.S. “Special Relationship” with Israel and making sure massive amounts of political, military, and economic support for the Jewish State kept flowing through multiple pipelines and mechanisms no matter what.

The post 9/11 world, on top of the “Peace Process” collapse, presented new dangers, challenges, and opportunities for further Zionist expansion and diversification in the U.S.

AIPAC, JINSA, NEI, ADL, and the Presidents Conference were wildly successful; but even so they were more and more associated with the Jewish Neocons and the more hard-line Zionists.

The more centrist and shrunken “liberal” Zionists needed new front groups of their own, and “liberal” American Jews needed to be given some less hard-line and less antagonistic political churches to absorb their monies and energies — as well as to prevent any tough-minded, truly independent, and non-Zionist-controlled movements from taking root.

J Street is the latest Zionist spin off and reinvention, no matter what kinds of false challenges about its bona fides are out there. Needed for context is a quick review of other critical Zionist doings in Washington since 9/11.

Right after 9/11, with lots of money and bravado, the Zionist lobby, via Sharon friend Haim Saban, infiltrated the Brookings institution, created the Saban Center, and turned it over to the same man who had first led NEI years before, Martin Indyk Walla. The Good Cop, ‘left wing’, Democratic Party “think-tank” had come to into being.
Meanwhile Martin’s buddy, Dennis Ross (now in the Obama White House working in tandem with the other big-time Zionist operative Rahm Emanuel), was at the same time in charge at NEI.

Then a few years ago, aware how the powerful yet shrinking American Jewish community was being challenged on the edges by churches, students, and activists, the Zionist machine realized they needed to expand, block, and counter even more. Walla! Energized by legions of Christian Fundamentalists, Christians United For Israel, CUFI, was created and it has quickly become a major force. The CUFI conference a few months ago was far larger and more powerful than J Street, filling the Washington Convention Center and drawing not only the Israeli Ambassador but the Prime Minister by satellite as well. It’s a marriage of convenience of course, putting aside long-time and major ideological differences; but even so a very potent and politically astute one.

The Israeli Zionists were not content however to feed and energize the hard-liners and right-wingers among them, now aligned with the modern-day Christian Crusader Fundamentalists.

They realized as well that they needed a new grass roots organizations for the “liberal Jews” who had now been seduced by the simplistic, not to mention outdated, “Two State Solution” mantra. So former Knesset members and Israeli operatives were dispatched and walla once again, B’rit Tzedek V’Shalom was created in the years before J State. The two will soon merge by the way combining both the grass-roots and Washington lobby into one operation.

The latest addition to the Israeli/Jewish Lobby, J Street, launched this week with repeated and incessant professions of “love for Israel”. It too is a creation of Zionist agents without whom it never would have come to be — the two key ones Daniel Levy, trained by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, and David Kimche, long-time Mossad and Israeli Foreign Ministry opparatchik.

There are lots of nuances and details to this story. But overall J Street is a kind of smiling and engaging AIPAC, yet one still following the themes and under the thumb of the Israeli Zionist machine. J Street purposefully has a different personality, style, and attitude — more Obamaesque in fact.. Indeed the conference opened with a loud endorsement from none other than the President of Israel himself, Shimon Peres, followed by Tzipi Livni, the leader of Ariel Sharon’s party and the receipient of the most votes in the last election in fact.

When thinking J Street think Israeli Zionist mainstream — which is actually now in the government as well as in the opposition at the same time.

And when thinking AIPAC continue to think Israeli government — which today is headed by Netanyahu, Barak, Lieberman as well of course as the powerful military and Mossad establishments.

And so walla once again. The Good Cop, ‘left wing’, Obama-era, smiling Zionist lobby has come into being in Washington.

And one more thing! Don’t be seduced by all the talk about “peace” and “process”; the real preparations are for war and conflict.

Indeed, one of the most senior Israeli figures at the J Street Conference told me privately very clearly: there’s never going to be a real Palestinian State, it’s not going to happen!

And when Obama’s General Jones spoke to the conference he never even mentioned that the largest ever joint U.S-Israel war games were taking place throughout the days of the J Street/Israel love-a-thon.


upcoming: J STREET REALITIES (Part 2) – Sons of Irgun

Mark Bruzonsky was the first Washington Representative of the World Jewish Congress and the young journalist who convinced Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to make his historic trip to Israel. Mark@Bruzonsky.com / (202) 495-1235


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