Defense of the Morally Bankrupt. By William deB. Mills

Via: MWC News.
Today a band of willful men will attempt to pass a bill (H.R. 867) calling on the U.S. Government to stick its head in the sand; to speak,hear, and see no evil; and to refuse to discuss charges of war crimes during Israel’s vicious and equally willful attack on the people of Gaza in December 2008.

In a move that would make John C. Calhoun proud, this band will adopt the final defense of the morally bankrupt and instead attack free speech. Knowing well that their position cannot stand in the light of day, they will demand that the charges being brought against them in the closest arena the world has to a court of law simply “not be discussed.”

For a long sad generation slavery was an  issue that “could not be discussed” in Congress, thus allowing the pressures to build to the point that only a horrifying domestic war could resolve the issue. And today it is the barbaric collective punishment of the people of Palestine that “cannot be discussed.”

Just as history today blames Calhoun for paving the road to the U.S. Civil War, so may history one day blame this petty group of American supporters of the Israeli right wing for paving the road to the destruction of Israel. The right to buy and sell and oppress and murder slaves by Southern plantation owners could “not be discussed;” the right to oppress and bomb and murder Palestinians by the Israeli Army and the extremist politicians who control the Israeli government “cannot be discussed. ”Of course not. What else can these so-called American “friends” do?

When one is complicit in the rape of Fallujah and the endless rain of Predators on innocent Central Asian villagers, how can one protest the same behavior from those who perfected such tactics?

Dr. William deB. Mills is an American political scientist specializing in the future of the global political system. He recently published “Smarter Iran Policy Begins With a New Attitude” and “Gaza: Laboratory for the Power-Hungry” and regularly writes for MWC. Retired from a career in national security, where his final position was Director of Long-Range Analysis at the National Intelligence Council, he now writes a foreign affairs blog is at shadowedforest.blogspot.


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