The West’s Double Standards – First North Korea Now Iran! By Bryan Rayner

Cartoon Khalil Bendib

Via: Atlantic Free Press.

What the west fears is a sovereign state that is prepared to oppose the west’s worldwide dominance – expansionist & controlling imperialism, & refuses to bow down before it.

Weapons of mass destruction double standards & the non proliferation treaty charade!

According to The Independent 13-01-06 the number of Warheads held by the USA is:

Six thousand three hundred and ninety, and by the Queen’s Imperial and Expansionist Kingdom of Britain, Two hundred!

It is knowledge of statistics such as this that make a mockery of the whole pseudo NPT accord. When it is revealed that repressive Crusading powers in the West have stockpiled such a colossal arsenal, where is the point in non proliferation??? The treaty is stating quite clearly that the USA will not enlarge its stockpile by a single warhead beyond 6,390, and likewise the Queen’s government will not augment their arsenal by one to 201?! Moreover to argue that Non Proliferation should inhibit the freedom of other nations to attain them for their own security and defence is baloney and hypocrisy of the highest order. The dominant West is blatantly affirming that we (the West) can be trusted whereas you (Middle East Nations) cannot!! Instead of fretting about Non Proliferation, the West should concentrate on a massive reduction in it’s and Israel’s nuclear stockpile.

Further Western hypocrisy however, is exhibited with regard to a dangerous Israel – a real threat to World Peace – and its estimated 100 to 200 nuclear devices. And yet at the time of Israel’s nuclear weapons growth the West remained ominously mute.

However, whenever Islam voices its ambitions towards obtaining nuclear devices the expansionist USA and the Queen’s Imperialist collaborator Britain raise concerns? According to The Independent, “The nightmare is of a future hostile Islamic state armed with a nuclear bomb.” On the other hand one can see that the Global nightmare is already here in the shape of 6,790 nuclear bombs held by dominant armed forces in the Crusading West and their unbridled associate the hostile braying donkey that is Zionist Israel!!

Indeed Tehran has foreseen an energy shortage and has decided to explore the benefits of nuclear energy, even signing the NPT! In The Independent of 13-01-06, “When the International Atomic agency imposed extra conditions on Iran’s nuclear energy programme two years ago, it effectively adopted a double standard: there were first world signatories who could be trusted with a nuclear programme…Islamic Iran could not.” And yet, as far as I have been able to ascertain, at the time of the signing, the Iranian representatives were welcomed and no objections proffered. Typically however, there was no mention of Israel’s intention, but as it is not a signatory to the NPT one should rightly assume from The Independent’s observations that Israel cannot be trusted either! Just recall Israel’s intolerable threats in the past and you will see what I am referring to!

When trust is offered for contemplation let us not forget: It was the USA who cruelly detonated the first and second nuclear device over Japan. Moreover it was alleged in the British media recently that at the time of the Falklands war the Queen’s government, in thrall to the alarming and undemocratic royal prerogative, allegedly discussed using a nuclear device against Argentina, so let us not hear anymore raucous, alarmist double talk or gobbledygook about who or who not to trust!

Let the world remember, let the world not forget Hiroshima, and Nagasaki!

Before it is too late, we pray that the courageous Arab world with all means at its disposal is successful in preventing or withstanding the horrendous but distinct possibility of an unhinged Crusader from the West ordering a nuclear strike against more than one Islamic state, and the brutal annihilation of the people that occupy the city of Tehran and other conurbations in the Middle East.

To paraphrase part of The Independent’s comments in the last part of its editorial. The imperative should be for Iran to reinforce International Arab diplomatic pressure on the USA, Britain and the rest of the West’s warring Crusaders before it’s too late. Indeed, there is too much at stake if the West fails to heed common sense over what is a preventable tragedy. “Deplorably, millions of us fear that the West will follow the path of terror, subjugation and aggression rather than peace.”



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