How The Shabak Use The Children Of Palestine

Via: Bil’in FFJ

Photo by Hamde Aburahma

My name is Yasser Awad Yasin. I am 27 years old and I’m from the village of Bil’in. I’m married and I have two sons and one daughter.

Before the army invaded my house the Shabak (Israeli security service) called me on the phone and told me to go to their office. I didn’t go so the army raided my house. I was sleeping with my wife and children when they woke us all up. I asked them what they were doing because I didn’t do anything. They asked me for my ID and they told me to go to the Shabak offices tomorrow. I asked them why they don’t arrest me now and then the soldiers gave me papers to order me to go for questioning.

When I went there, first they strip-searched me and asked if I have any weapons. I told them I have a packet of food and they took it off me. Then they took me to head of the Shabak who told me many things about myself and my family to make me scared and to make me believe that they know everything. They told me they know I have a son who has kidney problems so « we wanted you to come here to help you. You can send him to hospital in Israel and we can make sure he gets all the help he needs. I understand your situation because I also have children and I love them. » When I heard this I told him I have two sons who are sick, not one. So he asked me what the problem is with the second child and I told him he has heart problems. So he asked me which hospital he goes to and I told him in Ramallah. « Why don’t you send him to an Israeli hospital where he can get better treatment? We can help you to arrange that. »

Then I understood that he would want something in return for this offer and he said « we can do any thing for you if you help us and work with us in shabak » and I told him that the treatment was OK there and he doesn’t need to go to an Israeli hospital. So he replied that my son may die if he doesn’t get the best treatment in order to make me scared. But I told him, « If he dies it will be because of your weapons and your gas every Friday. I live near the Wall and we have to leave our home every Friday to protect the children from these things, otherwise they may die. » Then he started in a different way. He asked me if I have a house and maybe I need money. I told him I have a house and a job and I don’t need help from anybody.

After that he returned to the problem of my son who needs treatment in Israel because he knew that I have a real problem there and this was the best way to get my cooperation to be an informer against my own people. He asked what I would do if they refused to give him permission to go through the checkpoint to take my son to hospital and I said that his mother could accompany him.
« And what if we refuse to give her a permit? »
I replied that his grandmother would go.
« And what if we refuse his grandmother? »
I said I will take him to Jordan.
« And what if we stop him at the border? »
I replied « I will take him to Ramallah – and may God help us »



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