Revealed: Video Interrogation Of Guantanamo Child Detainee Omar Khadr

Via: The Public Record.

Editor’s Note: Omar Khadr was brutally tortured after he was captured. This video does not depict the torture he was subjected to.

Canadian Teen and Child Soldier Omar Khadr faces interrogation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Khadr chants in haunting voice. Then Khadr begins sobbing with his head in both his hands, chanting over and over again in a haunting voice. His words are difficult to hear, and at first could be taken for “Kill me” or “Help me.”

However, Arabic speakers working at say the teenager appears to be keening “Ya ummi,” which is Arabic for “My mother.” (Asked about it after the video was released, Khadr lawyer Nathan Whitling told reporters: “Your guess is as good as mine.”)

According to a report published Saturday by the Miami Herald’s Carol Rosenberg, who is covering an evidentiary hearing related to Khadr’s war crimes trial at Guantanamo:

…The videotape screened in secret was released by Canada’s Supreme Court two years ago. It shows the Toronto’s-born teen weeping in a Guantanamo interrogation booth, excerpts of which are widely available on the Internet.

But court security officers said the video, made in a trailer at this remote outpost, was still technically classified.

In another report published Saturday, Rosenberg said the interrogation video “was introduced by Khadr’s attorneys so that they could ask an agent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Jocelyn Dillard, about it. Dillard had testified that Khadr was cooperative while she and an FBI agent interrogated him at the prison camps hospital in 2003, once while he was receiving IV antibiotics because his year-old war wounds were festering.”


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