Support Lieberman’s Bill to Strip Terrorists of their Citizenship. By Myles Hoenig

Via: Dissident Voice.

Senator Joe Lieberman is dead on as he pushes to strip Americans of their citizenship for supporting terrorists. Let’s start with all those who support the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) or AIPAC, even as they try to weasel out of the fact that they are lobbyists for a foreign government. With the level of human rights abuses that can be laid at their feet and the encouragement by the latter, we can easily find cause to strip even most Congress members of their citizenship for giving and receiving money from these two entities, these terrorist organizations.

On May 2 a fundraiser was held for the IDF in Pikesville, Maryland. I hope the Maryland State Police or Homeland Security identified all those in attendance.

I’d like to suggest that the jolly fellows from Fox be included. They really do scare me when they say that Muslims are bad apples.

Why stop there? The Republican legislature of Arizona is terrorizing the Hispanic population, citizens, documented and not, with its plan to stop people on the streets and threatening arrests and massive disruptions in their lives if they don’t have their papers. Maybe if we just declare Arizona a whites-only state, then those of color would feel safer just if they relocate, or be voluntarily ethnically cleansed.

Others suggested for stripping of their citizenship for terrorizing the American public:

  • Governor Christie for scaring the shit out of teachers in New Jersey with layoffs and school closings.
  • Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, for cheering on the closing of the Rhode Island school for failure to meet his standards of excellence.
  • Nancy Pelosi, for liking Lieberman’s idea and just for being Pelosi.
  • President Goldman and Vice President Sachs for destroying the lives of millions of Americans and the country of Greece.

It’s easy to make fun of Lieberman and his Nazi-like proposals. He’s an easy mark. Yet in all seriousness, although it’s improbable that his bill would pass, there are a lot of nutjobs like him running around trying to reshape the image of America in so many different colored lenses, as seen through the eyes of the Gestapo, the KKK, or the church of your choice. Teapartyers are either waxing or waning, depending on what part of the country you’re in. In Indiana, they failed to affect the Republican primary yet in Utah they helped to defeat Sen. Bennett, making him look like a liberal. Some really scary ass people!

We see how this administration is clearly continuing the path of the past Bush administration, or Clinton’s, or even a continuum from Reagan. Will his choice for Supreme Court guarantee a far right wing court for decades? Looks like his top choice, Kagan, will fit the bill for the neo-conservative lock on the court.

Shane Kadidal of the Institute for Public Accuracy notes that the government is supporting a case in the Supreme Court that calls those who write letters in support of Hamas be labeled terrorists. By logical extension, that writer should be stripped of his or her citizenship.

Satire aside, Sen. Lieberman and those other sick motherfuckers are the real terrorists. They shouldn’t be stripped of their citizenship, however, but they should be outed for what they are.

Myles Hoenig is a disenchanted member of PGCEA, a teachers’ union in Maryland. He also ran a Green Party gubernatorial campaign in Maryland in 2006. (Eddie Boyd. Presente!) He can be reached at: Read other articles by Myles.



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