Guantánamo “Suicides” More Like Homicides. By Jasmin Ramsey


This March Harper’s Magazine contributing editor Scott Horton published a scathing investigative report on the alleged “suicide” of 3 Guantánamo Bay prisoners in 2006.  Based on Horton’s findings which were compiled with the help of US soldier eyewitness accounts, it’s much more likely that the men died while they were being tortured. Horton suggests that the rags the prisoners supposedly used to choke themselves with were more likely to have been inserted by their interrogators (possibly to muffle their screams) which then led to asphyxiation.

In addition to the disturbing sequence of events and scenes described in his written report (especially the part about the type of torture that inflicts extreme pain without leaving marks), Horton reveals that the men were probably also innocent, and even worse, about to be set free.

On May 28 Horton appeared on Fox New’s Freedom Watch where he was allowed to briefly discuss his article. Find Horton’s entire in-depth report for Harper’s here.



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