Life Must Go On- Jazza Festival for Free Gaza. By Gilad Atzmon

Via: Gilad Atzmon.

Following Israel’s maritime slaughter of defenceless and heroic humanitarian activists, Sarah Gillespie and myself will be donating our earnings from this week’s concerts at Pizza Express Jazz Club (3-5/6), to the Free Gaza organisation.

The victims of the massacre will not be the last to spill their blood for Palestine, but they will never be forgotten.

I also use this opportunity to announce that Sarah and myself together with Free GAZA are putting together a massive music festival  in support of Free Palestine. The ‘Jazza Festival’ will take place in London in October. Some major artists are already lined up.

In case the Israelis do not understand it yet. Humanism  will prevail!!!

To book a seat for Sarah’s  concert (3rd June)  or my concerts (4th-5th June) call the following number:  0845 6027 017



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