The attack by Israel on Free Gaza Movement – Interview with Greta Berlin. By Beppe Grillo

Via: Beppe Grillo’s Blog.

Interview with Greta Berlin

“A few hours after the Israeli attack on the “Freedom” flotilla in international waters, the Blog has got hold of Greta Berlin, the spokesperson for the Free Gaza Movement. She was contacted by telephone in Cyprus.

Interview with Greta Berlin

G. Berlin: “At 04:30 this morning, the Israeli navy attacked us. They came down the ladder from the helicopters. They got onto the deck of at least one boat and we think now two, and they started to shoot. They were shooting at unarmed civilians who were taking 10 thousand tons of supplies into Israel. They shot without any provocation and they shot within international waters. We were seventy miles off the coast of Israel.
This was our ninth voyage. And we entered Gaza five times successfully in 2008 and we were not stopped because it is Israel that is the illegal entity in the area. They have no right to stop us. They are the ones that occupy and they are the ones that put a blockade on a million and a half Palestinians.
The last three voyages we were brutally stopped. So we decided that we would go with a flotilla –and that’s why we took the 10,000 tons. I think Israel is terrified that if this is successful then a sea-link will be between Gaza and the world and that is the last thing that Israel wants.
We go into Gaza. We go from the international waters straight into the waters of Gaza. We don’t ask Israel’s permission. We don’t acknowledge that it has the right to imprison a million and a half people. This is a civilian initiative because the governments around the world won’t do anything to help the Palestinians. It is Israel that is illegally occupying Gaza and not the other way round.
So when we were attacked this morning we were attacked in international waters. We had done it successfully. We had already set the precedent that we were going to sail into Gaza without any permission from the Israeli authorities. We don’t have to ask the Israelis whether to go or not and they brutally brutally saw this last night by murdering at least 10 of us and maybe even more.”
B log: What should the Italian government do to help your initiative?
G. Berlin: “I’m sorry, but I really shouldn’t laugh. But, you’ve got Berlusconi! I mean, it’s like having Bush! What can they do? I don’t think that the Italian government will do anything, any more than the American government will do anything. This is a citizen’s initiative. People who are reading what you are writing or listening to what you are saying, we need to rise up and say: “we are not going to allow this to happen any longer”.
Israel has occupied Palestine for sixty two years. It has brutalised the Palestinians for sixty two years and nobody has done anything about this. Israel no longer has the right to do this to a people who had nothing to do with World War 2.
So we need to stop it. I don’t count on governments. I’m an American. I never count on government to do anything. This has to be done by the citizens of the world, because governments have completely turned away from the Palestinians.”


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