SF Green Party Calls for Worldwide Boycott of Israel. By Luke Thomas

Via: Fog City Journal.

Following a botched Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in international waters, the San Francisco Green Party is calling for a worldwide boycott and divestment of Israel.

At least nine human rights activists died, and 30 were wounded, when armed Israeli commandos abseiled from helicopters onto the decks of ships carrying aid for Gaza. At least one of the dead is a US citizen of Turkish origin.

In a statement published on its website, the SF Green Party is “actively engaging in a full boycott of all purchases of products and services, the financial gains of which will accrue to any individual or entity within Israel, until Israel is in compliance with all United Nations-recognized international laws; all resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council; and, all decisions and directions by all United Nations-recognized international courts, regardless of Israel’s participation in or ratification of such courts.”

Other organizations including Jewish Voice For Peace and Evergreen State College are also calling for a divestment of Israel. The national Green Party, in a statement released on its website, condemned the attack and is calling for “immediate action from the US, including emergency orders from President Obama to cut off all aid to Israel.”

“The violation of human rights has been ongoing and is very egregious,” said SF Green Party spokesperson Erika McDonald. “Peaceful yet drastic measures are required. We think this is the only solution at this point.”


More Boycott News.


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