‘Crime-linked Colombian President to Investigate Israeli attack’. By Anthony Fenton

Via: Web of Democracy.

Here is an open letter (.pdf) by Heike Hänsel and other members of the German Bundestag, on the ‘Appointment of the former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe as cochairman of Gaza flotilla investigation commission.’ [H/T: encamino,] who write:

“Alvaro Uribe Vélez, the outgoing Colombian Presidency whose Government is under investigation for multiples crimes against humanity, including massacres, illegal persecution and spying of democratic opposition, human rights organizations, and leaders of social processes as well as many acts of corruptions, links to drug trade, death squads and many other horrendous acts, has been appointed by the UN Secretary General as Vice President of the Commission to investigate the Israeli attack on a humanitarian flotilla in support for Gaza. The “merit” of this unacceptable appointment is that it exposes in fact, the ongoing hidden links between transnational interests at whose service are Governments and multilateral organizations such as the U.N.. The attached letter was sent by Euro Parliamentarians to the U.N. Secretary General. Beyond denouncing this travesty of justice, which explains why Israel has accepted the “investigation” and calling on all organizations and individuals to denounce this action and write to the U.N. Secretary General, we underscore the fact that while the corporate transnational regime coordinates efforts and controls governments and resources for their interests, the required resistance to this architecture of power is far from being understood or strategically thought out. They know what they want, how to get it and how to lye.

Uribe Vélez is a criminal and should be judged, together with all of his accomplices in the highest places.”



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