9/11 with Samir Amin

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A Video Conference Moderated by Biju Mathew

“Libya is something very different from what happened in Egypt and Tunisia. It was not a pacific demonstration of people.  It was, from the very start, armed groups against other armed groups, the regime. I’m not at all defending Gaddafi, but what is very specific of the case of Libya is that the so-called opposition, armed from the first minute, called NATO to their rescue. The target here . . . is not only oil, because they already have control of this oil, but more importantly water, the immense water resources of Libya. . . . And a third is to establish in Libya permanent US military bases, in order for AFRICOM, which is still based in Stuttgart, Germany, to be based in Africa. That is a direct menace against Egypt, against Algeria, . . . and against the countries of the African Sahel.” — Samir Amin

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Samir Amin is a Marxist economist. This video conference, moderated by Biju Mathew, was sponsored by Brecht Forum on 11 September 2011. The text above is an edited partial transcript of the conference.


The Godfather USA. By Gregory F. Fegel

Via: Pravda.

To be an American citizen is very much like being the child of a wealthy and unscrupulous criminal ‘Godfather’, who appears to be kind and generous to his own children at home, but is unflinchingly treacherous and murderous in conducting his family business, which is based on coercion, domination, exploitation, and violence. The average US citizen enjoys prosperity and relative freedom, but US prosperity derives in large part from the criminal exploitation of, and frequently the outright murder of, millions of innocent people in developing countries throughout the world. Most US citizens choose to remain in a perpetual state of denial regarding the criminal activities of their government, because they lack the courage and the character to learn and face the truth. An unquestioning acceptance of the values, motives, and goals of the US government by the majority of US citizens allows those citizens to be easily fooled and manipulated by the propaganda presented to them by the US government and by the US government-controlled ‘Mainstream Media.’

From early childhood, US citizens are raised on a steady diet of pro-US government propaganda that is fed to them at school and at home through the media of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, and popular music. The propaganda presents the US government as an ethically superior exemplar of justice for the entire world, as an exceptionally generous contributor to global economic development, and as a benevolent arbiter of world affairs. Furthermore, a great deal of crucial information about US political history, particularly regarding events of the past half-century, is not taught in US schools and is never allowed to appear in the Mainstream Media outlets.

According to the US Census report of 1998, 12.7% of the US population lives in poverty, 15.7% lack health insurance, and at least 38% of the wealth in the USA is owned by just one percent of the US population. The personal wealth of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates exceeds that of the total combined wealth of the poorest 45% of US households, which amounts to at least 133 million people. The USA has the highest concentration of individual wealth in all of the industrialized nations, and about three times that of the second-placed nation for concentrated wealth, which is Germany. The USA also leads the world in the number of its citizens who are incarcerated in prisons: one out of seventy-five US males are in prison, of whom 68% belong to racial or ethnic minorities. As of 2003, 12% of the USA’s black males in their twenties were living in prison, compared to 3.7% of the USA’s Hispanic males and 1.6% of the USA’s white males. Continue reading

J STREET – The New Smiling Zionist Lobby. By Mark Bruzonsky

Art By Naji Al AliVia: MiddleEast.org.

AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has done its job for decades. The Israeli Zionists, including the new J Street minions, appreciate that and know it will continue pushing and cowering, threatening and intimidating. The Bad Cop is not going away, and in fact is more powerful than ever.

Still, the Israelis Zionists, themselves of somewhat different shades, also know that different times call for different measures and different tactics. They know as well that different people respond to different approaches and that the great majority of American Jews are liberal and solidly behind Obama. They know as well that liberal American Jews are increasingly uneasy about an Israel too much in the negative news and a “Jewish Lobby” too exposed.

And so with the new J Street, it’s not so much that they are hedging their bets, rather they are simply playing all sides of the street.

After the 1982 war the Israeli Zionists and their American Jewish patrons realized it was time to start diversifying. AIPAC, the Capitol Hill giant, then created the Near East Institute (NEI), which became it’s media and think-tank arm. Years before JINSA, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, had been spun off to deal with the Pentagon. Other organizations, including ADL and the Presidents Conference, were further bulked up to deal with the White House and State Department. Many major magazines and media organizations were controlled, and in some cases bought outright, by Zionist personalities, a few biggies like Marty Peretz and Mort Zuckerman actually publicly stating they were pledged to help and defend Israel. Continue reading