Palestinian Prisoners Day

Art by Naji al-Ali


In honor of Palestinian Prisoners Day, Addameer confirms that now is the time to hold the Occupation accountable for crimes against the prisoners and detainees, and launches a global campaign against administrative detention.

Occupied Ramallah, 17 April 2013 – On Palestinian Prisoners Day, Addameer reaffirms its commitment to freeing the Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the Occupation’s prisons.Addameer reaffirms that the prisoners’ cause is the cause of the Palestinian people as a whole. Their struggle is central to the liberation of Palestinian land and the return of its’ people. It represents the front line of peace and justice.

Since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, there have been more than 750,000 arrests of Palestinians, a figure which represents 20% of the Palestinian population of the occupied lands (including the 1948 Territories, Gaza, and the West Bank), 40% of the male population, and 10,000 females.

Since the Second Intifada erupted in September 2000, Occupation forces have arrested 78,000 Palestinians, among them 950 women, over 9,000 children and more than 50 ministers and Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members. Since 1967, Occupation forces have issued more than 50,000 administrative detention orders (both new orders and renewals), 23,000 of them after September 2000. Continue reading


Apartheid Israel’s Palestinian Genocide. By Dr Gideon Polya

Via: Information Clearing House.

Coinciding with the formerly pagan celebration of New Life, at Easter time the Christian world pauses to consider the Passion of Christ and the story of His crucifixion and resurrection. Mainstream media will cover this major annual religious event but will largely ignore a crucial message of the Passion story – our critical obligation to bear witness and speak out against evil.

I endlessly repeat a key message for the people of the endlessly war-making but internally peaceful and democratic nations of US Alliance: “Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity”. 12 million people have died from violence or war-imposed deprivation since 1990 in the Zionist-backed US War on Muslims but the Western mainstream media and most of the citizenry of the West look the other way from the suffering of Palestinians, of Muslims and indeed of all Third Worlders under US hegemony.

For the humanity-ignoring citizens of the US Alliance countries, the most personally poignant part of the Passion should be how Peter denied Christ thrice at the time of his arrest by the soldiers of the chief priests. Continue reading

Land Day: Celebrate Resistance and Intensify BDS

Art by Naji al-Ali

On March 30, Palestinians will commemorate Land day, a day in 1976 when Israeli Occupation forces shot and killed six young Palestinian “citizens” of the Israeli apartheid state. These brave youth were among thousands protesting the Israeli occupation state’s expropriation of Palestinian land. Today, we continue to celebrate Palestinian resistance to the ongoing land expropriation, colonization, occupation and apartheid.

Thirty-seven years after the first Land Day demonstrations, the Israeli occupation state continues its expropriation and colonization of Palestinian land. It continues to expand its illegal colonial settlements in West Bank, occupied Palestine, forcing Palestinians from their land. Palestinians also face dispossession and displacement inside the Israeli apartheid in the 1948 occupied Palestine.

For international supporters of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality, Land Day is an opportunity to develop campaigns for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli apartheid, particularly campaigns targeting the Jewish National Fund (JNF), agribusinesses and companies operating in illegal colonial settlements, all of which play a vital role in the continued theft of Palestinian land, resources and properties.

The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) invites people of conscience across the world to join us in marking Land Day by highlighting BDS as an effective form of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

At a time when the Israeli occupation state is facing unprecedented levels of pressure over its continued colonization of Palestinian land and quickly losing the international support upon which it depends, let us work together to intensify our collective efforts to hold the Israeli apartheid regime and its supporters accountable.

BDS National Committee

If you are planning BDS activities to mark Land Day, please send in the details to

* This is an edited version of the BNC‘s statement. See the original here.

** See also the Land Day’s posters on The Palestine Poster Project Archives.

Land Day

Africa and Palestinian Statehood at the UN

Via: Pambazuka News.

Lessons for Decolonisation
Horace Campbell

‘Social justice and transformation in Africa and Palestine are inextricably linked,’ writes Horace Campbell. The ‘demilitarisation of the region can only be secured by uniting the peace and justice forces in all parts of the world.’


It was ten years ago in September 2001 at the World Conference against Racism (WCAR) when the collaboration between the anti-racist forces of the world and the anti-colonial forces came together in Durban. This WCAR brought the issues of racism, reparations and the oppression of the Palestinian peoples to the centre of the international agenda. A clear programme of action had been developed to reverse colonialism and for the repair of the harms done to humanity by colonialism, racism and all forms of oppression. Indeed, the full title of the conference was the Third World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerances.

No programme of action could be carried out because very soon after the conference on 11 September 2001, the world was carried into a new period of militarism and imperial aggression. Questions of the injustice of capital and neoliberal exploitation took a back seat at UN meetings. Continue reading

At the UN, the Funeral of the Two-State Solution. By Ilan Pappe

Via: The Electronic Intifada.

We are all going to be invited to the funeral of the two-state solution if and when the UN General Assembly announces the acceptance of Palestine as a member state.

The support of the vast majority of the organization’s members would complete a cycle that began in 1967 and which granted the ill-advised two-state solution the backing of every powerful and less powerful actor on the international and regional stages.

Even inside Israel, the support engulfed eventually the right as well as the left and center of Zionist politics. And yet despite the previous and future support, everybody inside and outside Palestine seems to concede that the occupation will continue and that even in the best of all scenarios, there will be a greater and racist Israel next to a fragmented and useless bantustan. Continue reading

The 7th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week 2011.

Via: Israeli Apartheid Week.

High-resolution version of IAW 2011 Poster for printing (JPG)

March 2011

Israeli Apartheid Week organizers across the globe are gearing up for the 7th year of actions in support of Palestinian Civil Society’s call for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). Last year’s IAW was incredibly successful with over 55 cities worldwide joining the week to end Israel’s apartheid.

Due to the popularity of Israeli Apartheid Week we have extended the “week” to allow campuses, organizations and regions on different schedules to participate:
March 7-20, Global
March 21-26 United Kingdom

To make getting involved even easier, we have made a list of regional representatives who will help you in this process. They will make sure you have the IAW organizing packet, answer any questions you may have, help you get your event posted on the IAW website and help you connect with other IAW organizers and events in your area. We urge you to contact them as soon as possible.

If you are planning to organize IAW in your city in 2011, but there is no contact listed for your region, please contact the general IAW email at:

Note: Only cities listed on this website are officially part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2011.